Meizhou investment environment promotion

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I. Basic overview of Meizhou

Meizhou is located in the northeast of Guangdong Province, at the junction of Guangdong, Fujian and Jiangxi provinces. It is the hometown of Marshal Ye Jianying and the only former Central Soviet area in Guangdong Province。Total city area 1.580,000 square kilometers, registered population 528.640,000 people, under the jurisdiction of 8 counties (cities, districts)。

The summary has several characteristics:

① There are many talents;Qiu Fengjia, Huang Zunxian, Lin Fengmian, Zeng Xianzi, Tian Jiabing and so on, a large number of famous and virtuous men have emerged to bring glory to China.It has given birth to 29 academicians, 252 university presidents and 475 generals.

② Ecological beauty;Beautiful mountains, beautiful ecology, high forest coverage rate;

③ More resources;Minerals, land, electricity;

④ physical foot;There is one college in the city with more than 20,000 full-time students.There are 34 secondary vocational (technical) schools, with more than 70,000 students, and 48 labor skills training institutions, which can provide more than 100,000 technical personnel annually。

⑤ Good public security。Won the title of "Top Ten Most Safe Cities in China" for 8 consecutive years and was selected as "the happiest City in China"。

In recent years,The new leadership of Meizhou is under the leadership of Secretary Huang Qiang,Conscientiously implement the decisions and arrangements of the central and provincial party committees and governments,It is guided by the five development concepts of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing",Focus on the theme of revitalization and development,We will implement two major revitalization policies in eastern and northwestern Guangdong and the former Central Soviet areas,Focus on the "three grips" of transportation infrastructure construction, industrial park expansion and efficiency, and central urban expansion and quality improvement,Focus on promoting the planning and construction of Jiaying New District, Meixing Huafeng Industrial Cluster Belt and Meijiang Hanjiang cultural, ecological and health tourism characteristic industrial belt,The city's economy is developing steadily, the society is harmonious and stable, and the people live and work happily。

In 2015, Meizhou's economy rose against the trend and made steady progress. Investment, consumption and export continued to grow significantly, and the growth rate ranked first in the province。The city's gross domestic product was 95.5 billion yuan, an increase of 8.6%, the growth rate ranked fourth in the province;Local public finance budget revenue exceeded 10 billion yuan, reaching 103 billion yuan.5.8 billion yuan, an increase of 21.5%, the growth rate ranked second in the province;Investment in fixed assets 568.0.6 billion yuan, an increase of 39.4%, the growth rate ranked first in the province;Total retail sales of consumer goods 555.500 million yuan, an increase of 11.1%, the growth rate ranked first in the province;Total foreign trade volume 135.200 million yuan, an increase of 13.5%, the growth rate ranked third in the province。It can be said that today's Meizhou, with both the right time and the right place, is becoming one of the regions with the most potential for development。

2. Meizhou location traffic

Meizhou location environment is unique,Back inland,Adjacent coast,It is the economic transfer zone, transportation hub and logistics gathering place of Guangdong, Fujian and Jiangxi provinces,It is an important gateway for Guangdong Province to communicate with South China, Central China, western Fujian, southern Jiangxi and other inland areas,It plays an important role in the cooperative development of the "pan-Pearl River Delta" and the west Coast of the Taiwan Strait economic zone,Undertake Pearl River Delta, West Coast, Shantou Chaojie and other economic circle industrial radiation。

We are focusing on the goal of building a transportation hub to open up the hinterland of Chaoshan Plain to the north, focusing on the construction of expressways, high-speed railways and airports, and striving to promote regional connectivity and build a transportation center city in northeast Guangdong。Using the skeleton construction of national railways and expressways, we will build an hour-long economic circle within the city and the surrounding areas1.5-hour economic circle, and Pearl River Delta, Haixi area 3-hour economic circle。

Expressway construction: The city's expressway traffic mileage reached 482 kilometers。At present, Xinghua Expressway, Meiping Expressway and Spring Expressway (including Dazhang Branch) are under construction, and three expressways are planned to start construction in 2016 and be completed and opened to traffic in 2020。It is expected that by 2020, the mileage of Meizhou expressway will reach 747 kilometers, and the highway pattern of "one ring, six shots, four horizontal and three vertical" will gradually take shape。

High-speed rail: At present, the city is accelerating the Meizhou to Shantou, Longchuan to Meizhou to Longyan, Yingtan to Meizhou, Pucheng to Meizhou, the "Double dragon" high-speed railway planning and construction of four high-speed (fast) high-speed railway, Yingmei Railway, Pumei Railway, "Shuanglong" high-speed railway, forming a "four vertical, two horizontal double hub multi-station" network。The Meizhou high-speed railway started construction in April 2015 and is expected to open to traffic in 2019. After completion, the time between Meizhou and Shenzhen and Xiamen will be reduced to 2 days.5 hours to Guangzhou 3.Five hours, half an hour to Shantou。

Airport: Meixian Airport has opened flights to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi 'an, Changsha, Haikou, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other important cities, and is actively promoting the opening of Kunming and Bangkok air routes。

Third, Meizhou development opportunities

At present, Meizhou is in a period of great opportunities and policy superposition, which contains huge development potential。There are four main opportunities:

(1) Opportunities for revitalization and development of the former Central Soviet Area。Eight counties (cities and districts) in Meizhou were identified by the Central government as the former Central Soviet Area,It is the only prefecture-level city in Guangdong Province whose whole city is within the scope of the Central Soviet District,We are actively striving to enjoy the support policy of the "Revitalization and Development Plan of the former Central Soviet Area of Jiangxi, Fujian and Guangdong",It will enjoy special policy dividends such as central financial transfer payments, exemption from import tariffs on self-use equipment, increase the state subsidy standard or capital injection ratio for public welfare construction projects, differentiated industry support, and tilted pilot land indicators for the development and utilization of unused land on low hills and gentle slopes。

(2) Opportunities for revitalization and development in the East and northwest of Guangdong。The provincial Party Committee and the provincial government implemented the strategy of promoting the revitalization and development of East and northwest Guangdong,Proposed a goal, two bottom lines, three grips,A total of 672 billion yuan has been allocated,It is used for transportation infrastructure construction, industrial park construction, and prefecture-level city center city construction,Completely change Meizhou inconvenient transportation,Industrial weakness,Status quo of separation of industry and city。Meizhou will be built into a national ecological civilization construction pilot zone, a Guangdong cultural tourism characteristic zone and a world tourist capital by 2020。

(3) Development opportunities of the West Coast Economic Zone and the national "Belt and Road" strategy。Meizhou is located in the national planning of the west Coast economic zone,It is one of the 23 cities planned in the West Coast Economic Zone,It will enjoy the development opportunities and preferential policies brought by the "Cross-Strait people's Exchange and Cooperation pilot zone" in the West Coast Economic Zone,It is conducive to participating in the coordination and development of regional division of labor and cooperation within the West Coast,It can be better integrated into the national "Belt and Road" development strategy,Turn "inland mountains" into "pre-sea stations",Open up new space for market development at home and abroad,Jointly build the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road。

(4) Opportunities for comprehensive counterpart assistance in Guangzhou。By 2020, Meizhou's per capita GDP will reach the national average,Guangzhou gives full play to its strong advantages in capital, projects, technology, information and industrial platform construction,Actively and fully participate in the construction of Meizhou,We will focus on expanding the capacity and efficiency of industrial parks, expanding and improving the quality of central urban areas, building transportation infrastructure, developing social and livelihood undertakings, and deepening reform and opening up,Focus on industries and projects,Comprehensively promote Meizhou's economic and social development。

The superposition of these major opportunities and policies will definitely fully activate Meizhou's resources, maximize Meizhou's potential, and accelerate the revitalization and development of Meizhou。

Iv. Meizhou development strategy

Create three strategic spatial growth poles of "one district and two belts" to drive the development of urban industrial economy。

In order to better give play to the spatial organization and economic driving role of the city through combination development and characteristic division of labor, Meizhou divided the main functional areas and built a new development pattern of "one district and two belts" in Jiaying New District, Guangdong Meixing Huafeng Industrial Cluster Belt and Meijiang Hanjiang Green health Culture Tourism industrial belt。Jiaying New District is an important starting point for the expansion and quality improvement of the central urban area,"Linkage between industry and city,Take the city with the countryside.",Developing new industries and modern service industries;Guangdong Meixing Huafeng Industrial cluster with Guangmei Industrial Park as the core area,Promote project landing and industrial agglomeration,Promote the city through production,Integration of industry and city;Meijiang Hanjiang Green health culture tourism industrial belt with green, health, culture and Soviet area as advantages,Coordinate the exploration of tourism resources in Meixian, Jiaoling, Pingyuan, Tai Po, Fengshun, etc。

5. Meizhou Development Platform - Guangdong Meixing Huafeng Industrial Cluster Belt

At the end of September 2015,The Overall Plan of Guangdong Meixing Huafeng Industrial Agglomeration Belt (2015-2030) was reviewed and adopted in principle by the executive meeting of the provincial government,Officially rose to the provincial major development platform,It will receive more policy support, financial support and project support,It has become the main battlefield for Meizhou to develop new industrialization。In January 2016, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance arranged to allocate 500 million yuan for the environmental protection infrastructure construction project of Meixing Huafeng Industrial Cluster Belt。

Guangdong Meixing Huafeng industrial agglomeration belt planning,Meizhou high-tech Industrial Park is the core area,The favorable conditions of land and population concentration in Meixian, Xingning, Wuhua and Fengshun counties (cities and districts) are taken advantage of,We will accelerate the construction of comprehensive transportation (expressways, high-speed railways, expressways, new airports) and public service facilities (schools, hospitals, etc.),Promote project landing and industrial agglomeration,Promote the city through production,Integration of industry and city,It will strive to become a green development demonstration zone in the former Central Soviet Area of Guangdong and a national economic and technological development zone。

The base of industrial development agglomeration development,Focus on the development of product manufacturing industry, resource-based industry, advanced manufacturing industry, trade logistics industry, new economy industry five industrial sectors,Create seven billion industrial clusters of food and beverage, electronic information, electroacoustic industry, machinery and equipment manufacturing, health and medicine, green energy, agricultural and sideline product processing。

According to the "Planning", the cluster belt adheres to the development principle of ecological priority, intensive and efficient, adopts the development model of expanding the core area and gathering, improving the quality and efficiency of the peripheral area, and forming a spatial development pattern of "one core and four groups"。

A core: Meizhou High-tech Industrial Park as the core area,Efforts will be made to develop advanced manufacturing industries such as auto parts, electronic information, machinery and equipment, new materials, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection,We will consolidate and develop the health medicine, food and beverage, and health medical industries,Build a healthy industrial cluster,To build a comprehensive new city that integrates ecological protection, green manufacturing, production services and livable life,It has become the core engine for the revitalization and development of Meizhou and an important platform for industrial demonstration and development。

Four groups: Focus on the construction of four peripheral industrial groups in Meixian, Xingning, Wuhua and Fengshun, actively improve the development quality of the four groups, strengthen the cooperation between the peripheral industrial groups and the core area industry, and achieve the linkage development of "one core and four groups"。

Core area - Guangdong Meizhou high-tech Industrial Park

Meizhou High-tech Industrial Park is the core area of Huafeng industrial cluster in Meixing, Guangdong Province,It is Guangdong provincial high-tech industrial Zone, ten key industrial transfer industrial park and five-star service park,The overall planning area is about 47 square kilometers,It consists of 22 square kilometers of factory area, 5 square kilometers of living area and 20 square kilometers of ecological reserve area。目前,We are trying to do the groundwork,Including the overall construction of transportation and urban infrastructure,On the one hand, we rely on Guangzhou-Meizhou Railway,Construction of logistics park, comprehensive free trade zone;On the other hand, we rely on the Shan-Jiang station of the Mei-Shantou high-speed railway,Development of business district,Attract high-end talents to settle in industrial parks,Because She Jiang station to the city only ten minutes,Fifteen minutes to Fengshun,Twenty minutes to Chaoshan Station,Very convenient。

Industrial park: Focus on the development of machinery and equipment, high-end medicine and health food and other health industries, new materials industry as the leading, taking into account the development of new energy, new electronics and other strategic emerging industries and light industrial textiles and other local traditional industries。

After years of development, the park's infrastructure has become more and more perfect, and its industrial capacity has been continuously enhanced. The park has formed industrial clusters such as auto parts and machinery manufacturing industry, electronic information industry, health industry such as high-end medicine and health food, and new material industry。

Auto parts and machinery manufacturing industry: GAC Qianghua, Sany Heavy Industry, etc., in order to expand and strengthen the automobile industry, Meizhou Municipal Committee and municipal government are planning to introduce well-known automobile manufacturers to build a production base with an annual output of 300,000 vehicles in the park。

Electronic information industry: Bomin Electronics, Amethyst Optoelectronics, Jiahe Motor, Welxin;

High-end medicine and health food and other health industries: Kolun Pharmaceutical, Yili Cold beverage;

New materials industry: Saifei Sapphire, Dongdong Guangsheng rare earth and other well-known enterprises。

At present, there are 6 provincial industrial parks in Meizhou. In addition to the Meizhou High-tech Zone just introduced, they are:

1, Dongguan Shijie (Xingning) Industrial transfer Industrial Park: its leading industries for auto parts, mechanical and electrical and "three new" (new energy, new medicine, new materials) industry。

2, Dongguan Tangxia (Pingyuan) Industrial Transfer Industrial Park: The park with rare earth deep processing, machinery manufacturing, high-quality building materials as the three leading industries, furniture manufacturing, electronic information, auto parts, biotechnology, modern logistics as assistance。

3, Guangzhou Panyu (Wuhua) Industrial transfer Industrial Park: The park to hardware machinery, auto parts, wine, pharmaceutical, renewable resources manufacturing as the leading industry。

4, Guangzhou Haizhu (Fengshun) Industrial transfer Industrial Park: The park with electro-acoustic electronic information, electronic medical equipment, advanced manufacturing, green feed as the leading industry。

5, Guangdong Meizhou Jiaohua Industrial Transfer Industrial Park: the main development of food and medicine manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, electronic information and electrical manufacturing, new building materials and other leading industries

Today, Meizhou has beautiful ecology, good environment, rich resources, and economic factors such as transportation and talents are improving day by day。We sincerely invite you to Meizhou for sightseeing, investment and business development. We will do our best to serve investors and help investors succeed。