Brief introduction of Xinpu Economic Development Zone in Guizhou

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implementaryCentral Guizhou took the lead in rising, and northern Guizhou accelerated its leapUnder the guidance of regional development strategy,Zunyi City put forward the development idea of constructing the central city of Qianbei Economic zone,It is an economic development zone that focuses on integrating resources around the central urban area, building Zunyi metropolitan area, opening up the urban development framework, gathering urban development forces, and expanding urban radiation capacity,It is the national Zunyi Economic Development Zone East, Shanghai Industrial Park, Qianbei Airport Economic Zone, Zunyi comprehensive free Trade Zone,It is the only carrier for Zunyi City to realize industrial transformation and upgrading and synchronization。Focus on the development of electronic information, high-end equipment, new materials three leading industries,Priority should be given to developing three characteristic industries: specialty food, new energy and environmental protection, and integrated logistics,In accordance with the implementation path of "one year to lay the foundation, two years to step up, three years to leapfrog",To build a 100-billion-level industrial park that is "the first in Guizhou, the leading in the country and the world-class"。

First, superior location conditions, good investment environment

(1) Convenient transportation and smooth communication

Xinpu Economic Development Zone is separated from Guiyang and Chongqing153308Kilometers, within two hours of the economic circle, the entire highway through。Commuting radius15Within minutes, there are Hangzhou-Rui expressway and Guizun expressway in the south, Chongqi-Guizhou high-speed railway and Lanhai high-speed railway in the west, and Zhao-Guizhou Railway in the north。From Chongqing "two wings of a river Sanyo" exit channel only3Hour drive, with road, railway, aviation trinity of comprehensive transportation advantages。The newly built Xinzhou airport is4CThe dual-use airport is located in Zunyi city center27公里,2012828The day of successful navigation,2013Annual passenger throughput breakthrough30Ten thousand people, seven years ahead of schedule to achieve the design goal, as of this year8By the end of the month, the number of passengers reached77万。Meanwhile, Xinpu Economic Development ZoneThe main road has been basically completed, the construction of secondary roads and branch roads has been fully launched, the road network is easily accessible, and the transportation and logistics costs of enterprises are effectively saved。

(2) ResourcesAbundant, energy abundant

Xinpu Economic Development Zone is rich in natural resources, beautiful scenery and average temperature throughout the year15.2Around Celsius, the vegetation is rich, and the forest coverage rate is up to33.27%It is rich in rice, pepper, Sichuan pepper, tea and other excellent agricultural products。

Located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River system, Xinfu Economic Development Zone is rich in hydraulic resources and adjacent to Wujiang River, Goupitan and other large hydropower stations. It is an important channel for power transmission from west to east and has sufficient power resources。In order to facilitate industrial electricity consumption in the area, it has increased operation in recent years220KVThe new Pubian and Nanpu double circuit lines further optimize the transmission network。

(三Leadership attention, policy support

2012Several Opinions of The State Council on Further Promoting the Sound and Rapid Economic and Social Development of Guizhou determined the strategic positioning of Guizhou Province asIt is an important national energy base, resource deep processing base, characteristic light industry base, equipment manufacturing base with aerospace as the focus, and an important land transportation hub in Southwest ChinaAnd put forwardIt is necessary to speed up the construction of Qianbei Economic cooperation Zone and actively build an economic corridor connecting Chengdu-Chongqing economic zone and Qianzhong Economic Zone2013 The Guiding Opinions of The General Office of the State Council on Carrying out the Work of Matching Assistance to Guizhou clearly defined the matching assistance to Zunyi City in Shanghai, and the assistance project was implemented that year 31 Individual;Urban System Planning of Guizhou Province (2012-2030Zunyi, together with Guiyang, is listed as a dual-core city leading regional economic growth, and is the main industrial and population gathering place of Guizhou Province in the future.20142In October, Zunyi Municipal Committee and municipal government proposed to build Xinfu Economic Development Zone into state-level Zunyi Economic and Technological Development Zone East, Zunyi Shanghai Industrial Park, Zunyi Xinfu Comprehensive Free Trade Zone and Zunyi Airport Development ZoneFour-zone fusionStrategy, for nowComprehensive bonded areaIt has entered the application stage。The relevant policies and measures formulated and implemented by the state, Guizhou Province, Zunyi City and other governments at all levels have provided important support for the sustained, rapid, healthy and steady development of the industry in Xinfu Economic Development Zone。

Second, the development plan is first, and the industrial layout is reasonable

In accordance with the principles of "opening leading, integration of industry and city, first trial, low-carbon development, and people's livelihood first", Xinpu Economic Development Zone has a reasonable planning and layout of industries, focusing on creating eight industries。

(1) Electronic information industry

Guizhou Xinpu High-tech Industrial Park is located in the core construction area of Xinpu Economic Development Zone, adjacent to Xintian Avenue in the south, Shuangxin Express Line in the north, extending along Jingkai Avenue in the east and west, covering an area of about3000Mu, total project investment60It mainly develops three major sectors: electronic information infrastructure service platform, electronic components and terminal product manufacturing, science and technology research and development and talent training, which is an important carrier for Zunyi City to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading, and an important support for Zunyi to build a hundred-billion-level electronic information industry。The park is committed to building "Qianbei Intelligent Garden and low-carbon Industrial Park", adhering to the development strategy of "enterprise as the main body and market orientation" and relying on"1+6University town talent cultivation strategy, gather R & D and innovation resources, promote the research and development and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, build a high-tech park electronic information industry chain, and build Qianbei high-tech industry base, R & D and innovation base and scientific research achievements transformation base2020By the year, the park will form a complete "research and development.+孵化+"Industrialization" industrial value chain has become the support point of Qianbei industrial transformation and the new pole of economic development。Science park2014315Construction starts on a daily basis and total investment is planned30Hundred million yuan, construction6010,000 square meters of standard plant,10Ten thousand square meters science and technology research and development area,810,000 square meters of commercial life supporting area,50More than 10,000 square meters total200Dong Dong small and medium-sized enterprises supporting processing zone, to2020At the end of the year, a complete industrial chain integrating "industry, university and research" and "science, industry and trade" was initially formed。

(二)   High-end equipment manufacturing industry

Gross planning area4Square kilometers, with Baohe and Santai area as the main body, aiming at the development direction of high-tech equipment research and development and manufacturing, focusing on the development of various industrial general and special equipment, transportation equipment, electrical machinery and equipment,ITICAnd other electronic equipment, manufacturing instrumentation and culture, office machinery and equipment, digital processing, CNC machine tools, intelligent measurement and automatic control equipment and other advanced equipment manufacturing industry。Develop into professional equipment supporting Chongqing and its surrounding industries, seize the strategic opportunities of rapid urbanization and industrialization under the current "three synchronizations" in Guizhou, focus on the development of high-end heavy equipment, construction machinery and large structural parts, and cultivate a number of enterprises with "high, fine and sharp"。

(3) New material industry

Fully seize the historical opportunity of Guizhou's great construction and development, form an industrial pattern from research and development, pilot test to manufacturing integration, and strive to build a provincial R & D production base for new materials。The New Materials Industrial Park focuses on the development of information materials, biomedical materials, nanomaterials and technology, rare earth materials, new shaped metal alloy materials, information chemical materials, information building materials and other industries, and is committed to building a first-class, advanced professional and prominent characteristics of high-tech new materials industrial park in the West。The new Material Industrial Park is located in the west of Xinpu Jingkai District, and the Double new Express line passes through the north of the park, covering an area2000Mu, building area12010,000 square meters, construction period24个月。Total investment40100 million yuan, after the completion of the annual output scale can reach80Over 100 million yuan。

(4) New energy and environmental protection industry

Cultivate and develop kitchen waste treatment, waste incineration power generation, flue gas desulfurization and denitrification, sewage treatment and other complete sets of equipment, developmentCO2Recycling and utilization, sludge treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, lake desilting and other equipment, moderate development of high-end solar cells and other products, to build a domestic advanced photovoltaic manufacturing base。

(5) Biomedical industry

Gross planning area3Square kilometers to308The west side of the national highway is the main body, focusing on the development of biomedicine and its instruments。Focus on the introduction of Taiwan, Japan and South Korea enterprises and Shanghai, Chongqing enterprises。Construction of Qianbei innovative drug incubation base and API cooperation park at home and abroad, and development of API (including pharmaceutical intermediates) industry。We will accelerate the construction of regional TCM modern science and technology industry bases, and strengthen the research and development and industrialization of new drugs。Build a medical device research and development and production base, establish a medical device industry incubator, focusing on the development of high-end medical devices, grass-roots appropriate medical devices, household medical equipment and medical health information digital products。

(6) Specialty food and beverage industry

It is based on rich agricultural resources and good industrial foundation,Take the industrialization of agriculture as the means,Focus on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises,Actively develop related products and industries for leading enterprises and leading product supporting services;Focus on the development of chili industry clusters with strong competitiveness at the national level,Actively cultivate fruit and vegetable product processing industrial clusters。Increase investment in science and technology, gradually improve the independent innovation capacity of the food industry and the scientific and technological content of products, and lengthen the industrial chain。The deep processing of food drives the development of the entire industrial chain。

(7) Integrated logistics

Adhere to the interaction between logistics and industry, parks and networks, relying on the airport and Xiazi South area, develop professional logistics and aviation logistics, and accelerate the construction of bonded logistics parks, multimodal transport centers, and large characteristic trading markets。The introduction of logistics enterprise headquarters, cultivate and strengthen the backbone logistics enterprises。Promote the construction of logistics informatization and standardization, establish logistics networks and public information platforms docking with regional central cities, and build the largest comprehensive transportation logistics center in the north Guizhou region。

(8) Luan River cultural leisure industry

    The Loan River is known asThe granary of ZunyiIs also a river of history and culture,LoanIt is the birthplace of Guizhou Zunyi beach culture. Zunyi has outstanding people and profound historical and cultural accumulation。It is an ecological business card built by Zunyi City, and the water quality reaches the national first-class standard。Master plan area30.4Square kilometers, stretching across Xinzhou Town and Xiazi Town, suitable climate, superior environment, the planning scope includes three parts, the north of the main mountain relatively more, good natural landscape;The distribution of cultural resources in central China is abundant, and the terrain is rich.The southern part of the river is winding, the terrain is relatively flat, and the ecological preservation is intact。It is expected that this year10Work began in October to turn the Luo 'an River Basin into a demonstration zone for urban and rural coordination, ecological civilization construction, industrial transformation and upgrading, new-type urbanization and international leisure and vacation destination。It's been beautifully crafted, to2016Year completed the main work, to2020To become a first-class ecological civilization construction pilot demonstration zone。

At present, Guizhou Xinpu Economic Development Zone is striving to build electronic information industry Park, Shanghai Industrial Park, small and medium-sized enterprise Park, new material industry Park, China pepper Logistics Park, aerospace fastener base, comprehensive bonded zone, South Korea Industrial Park, and strive to achieve the development goal of 100 billion industrial park。