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Guangdong Institute of Architectural Design (GDAD) was founded in 1952,It is one of the first large-scale comprehensive survey and design units in New China,After the reform and opening up, the first modern science and technology service enterprise to implement the project general contracting business,Global low-carbon city and building development Initiative Unit, National Science and Technology Advanced Collective, National Excellent Survey and Design Enterprise, Contemporary Chinese Architectural Design Hundred Institutes, National Enterprise Culture Construction Demonstration unit, Guangdong High-tech Enterprise, Guangdong Province Contract Honoring Enterprise, Guangdong Province Earthquake Relief Advanced collective, Guangdong Province Key Project construction advanced collective,Modern engineering construction design and operation service provider。

GDAD has more than 2,700 professional and technical personnel,Among them, there is 1 academician of the Academy of Engineering, 3 national engineering survey and design masters, 15 experts enjoying government subsidies, 54 professor-level senior engineers, 498 senior engineers, 635 engineers, and 542 registered personnel of various kinds,The formation of excellent quality, reasonable structure, professional complete, effective talent echelon。

GDAD has the Grade A qualification of architectural engineering design, municipal industry design, engineering survey, engineering consulting, urban and rural planning, intelligent building system engineering design, landscape architecture engineering design, architectural decoration design, engineering construction supervision, bidding agency, project contracting, construction drawing review, etc,And rail transit design qualification,Form an industrial pattern with design as the main business, planning, survey, consulting, general contracting, drawing examination, supervision, technology research and development as an important supplement,Based on Guangdong, to carry out modern science and technology services at home and abroad。

GDAD has two provincial scientific research centers, "Guangdong Modern Architectural Design Engineering Technology Research Center" and "Guangdong Water Environment and Ecological Engineering Technology Research Center",At the same time, it has special research departments such as high structure, BIM technology, building intelligence, mechanical and electrical engineering, underground space, steel structure, green building and ecological city,A number of national and provincial key scientific research projects and technical research projects have been completed,It has made positive contributions in basic research, policy research, national and local industry standards and specifications, scientific research achievements transformation and industry technological innovation,Obtained invention patents, utility model patents and software Copyrights。

GDAD has completed the design of China Art Museum ', Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Guangdong Building, Guangzhou Renmin Road 623 Viaduct, Guangdong International Building, Shenzhen International Finance Building, Peking University Science and Technology teaching buildings, Shenzhen China Resources Vientiane City, Guangzhou Inner Ring Road Main line bridge project, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Beijing 2008 Olympic Cycling Pavilion, Guangzhou DatanSha Sewage Treatment Plant, Guangzhou Xingfeng Landfill, Guangdong Provincial Museum, Guangzhou Asian Games Museum, the underground space of the core area of Guangzhou Zhujiang New City, Guangzhou Xijiang Water diversion Project and other national and provincial key projects,At the same time in the urban complex, underground space, sports, culture and education, transportation, medical, high-rise, residential, municipal engineering, urban and rural planning and other fields have repeatedly made achievements。During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, the project won more than 350 national, ministry and provincial excellent engineering survey and design awards and science and technology awards。

GDAD will continue to uphold the core values of "keeping the integrity and creating the best", carry forward the enterprise spirit of "drawing elegant inches, building dreams thousands of miles", make full use of the comprehensive advantages of talent, technology, scientific research, innovation and brand, to provide efficient and high-quality services for our customers, jointly design the future and achieve dreams。