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Yuyang company was founded in20012Month, registered capital3.5亿元。2008Recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, the main business isMLCCProduct development, manufacturing and sales。

First, the company's history and corporate honor

Yuyang Company in2001From Japan, Germany, the United States introduced a full set of the world's most advanced chip capacitor manufacturing equipment, with a professional R & D and process technology team。2002Nian company0402 BMEMicro-chip multilayer ceramic capacitors have passed the identification of new products for the first time, filling the gap in China, which is the first in China。Company projects have been listed as countriesDouble high and one AProject, key support project of Ministry of Information Industry, National high-tech industrialization Demonstration project, Shenzhen major industrial project, electronic development Fund project。2005The company was rated as enterprise integrity by the Ministry of CommerceA”企业;200511In October, the global Big Four accounting firm Deloitte International accounting firm announcedChina's high-tech high-growth enterprises50In the selection activity, Yuyang Technology ranked second;2007The company is listed by the Shenzhen Municipal People's GovernmentShenzhen private leading backbone enterprises20071221Yuyang was successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which laid a good foundation for the rapid development of the company and the creation of a world-class brand enterprise;2008The first of its kind in China0201superminiatureMLCCSuccessfully developed and mass-produced, the first group won the national high-tech enterprise recognition;2013The first batch of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology national industrial transformation selection strong foundation project;2016National strong foundation project super microMLCCThrough the identification of scientific and technological achievements of new products, fill domestic gaps;2018He won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of the Chinese Society of Electronics。2019Annual Ranking32China electronic components top 100 enterprises No26名。2020Shenzhen award500Strong firm。2021Approved by Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangdong Province, the contract and credit enterprises, electronic components industry associationAAGrade credit enterprise。

Second, core technology and product development

Yuyang Technology uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, deep cultivationMLCC行业20Surplus load, invest heavily in science and technology research and development, focus on miniaturization/Ultra-miniaturization, ultra-high volumeMLCCProduct development, up to now,ISimilar porcelain technology to basically achieve a comprehensive replacement of Japan and South Korea,IIIn terms of porcelain technology, it partially replaces Japan and South Korea, and the products are iterated from the mass production of ultra-micro-1gen 0201, ultra-micro-2gen 01005 to ultra-micro-3gen 008004, reaching the advanced technical level of the industry。Recently, Yuyang successfully developed and produced 008004 specification products MLCC products as the first domestic authority through the China Saibao Laboratory industry and information Technology Ministry Electronics fifth Institute testing and identification。superminiatureMLCCThe anatomy of appearance size is shown in figure2-1

2-1  superminiatureMLCCDimensional anatomical drawing

1Core process research and development technology

Yuyang technology in the early stage01005MLCCBased on the research, development and trial production of the product, the number of layers is further increased, the thickness of the medium is reduced and the capacity is increased01005The capacity coverage of the size product has been successfully developed through the improvement of ultra-miniature screen printing technology, precision cutting process, and precision end sealing process008004Size specificationMLCC

The core technologies of the products include: submicron/Design technology of nano-resistant ceramic and base metal electrode material system;Ultra-micro radio frequency microwaveMLCCBase metal material system design technology;superminiatureMLCCStructure design and precision positioning processing technology;superminiatureMLCCReductive atmosphere stripping sintering technology;Micro chip element end electrode processing technology;The core research and development technology of micro-chip component braid technology。

2Core material process research and development

Yuyang Technology with anti-reduction ceramic mediaNiCuElectrodes composed of base metal electrodes (BMEMaterial system as the core material process, instead of conventionalMLCCA complete monolithic structure is obtained by co-firing several overlapping internal electrodes and thin ceramic medium at high temperature。Improved the oxidation resistance of high temperature co-firing for a long time PtPd Other noble metal inner electrode materials (NME) a large amount of consumption, resulting in MLCC The problem of excessive costs。

3Core production process research and development

Yuyang Technology based on existing micro MLCC The technical basis, combined with ultra-microMLCC Based on the high precision requirements of the products, combined with its own design and development capabilities and international first-class R & D and process technical support level, the process route of the project is determined as follows: the use of international advanced automation, high-precision key production equipment and independent development of key equipment, the selection of sub-micron ultra-fine anti-reducing ceramic thin layer dielectric materials NiCu Multiple layers of electrodes in equal base metal are overlapped in neutral (N2) or reducibility (N2+H2Sintering in the atmosphere ensures that the electrode is not oxidized and maintains excellent dielectric properties。Build on BME Technology based ultra micro MLCCPlatform for R&D and pilot production。Relative to the present PdAg Such as precious metal electrode material system, the cost of high capacity specifications has been greatly reduced, so as to achieve high performance and low cost by improving technical content, and enhance the international competitiveness of products。

Yuyang Technology has introduced the most advanced technology in the world today SLOT-DIE Ultra-thin casting equipment, high precision optical positioning printing, lamination, cutting equipment, atmosphere sintering kiln, end electrode preparation and automatic test equipment。The specific process flow is shown in the figure 2-2所示。

2-2 MLCCManufacturing process flow

Iii. Product introduction and application scope

Multilayer ceramic capacitorMultilayer Ceramic CapacitorMLCC(also known as monolithic capacitor, it is composed of a ceramic dielectric diaphragm with a printed electrode (inner electrode) that is superimposed in a misplaced manner, and a ceramic chip is formed by one-time high-temperature sintering, and then a metal layer (outer electrode) is sealed at both ends of the chip to achieve the required capacitance value and other parameter characteristics。MLCCIt has the characteristics of small size, wide frequency range, long life and low cost, mainly used in mobile terminals, digital home appliances, communication equipment, computers, automotive electronics, industrial control equipment and other electronic machines Oscillation, coupling, filter, bypass circuit, is the world's largest electronic components。

Yuyang Technology products cover vehicle gauge level, industrial level, ultra-high temperature and other related levels, product features include low loss, high capacity, low loss and highQ, low loss RF high power and other industry advanced product features, to reach the industry leading level。

2020年,0201Size output to achieve the world's top three, widely used in smart phones, Netcom products,IOTModules and other industries;01005Monthly capacity has been achieved30Hundreds of millions of pieces, creeping in4G/5GSmart phones,PA芯片、CCMOther trades。

Iv. Customer group and business scale

宇阳 MLCCThe main customer groups of the products are4G/5GMobile intelligent terminal, wireless communication equipment, semiconductor chip built-in, home appliances, computers, security, industrial and automotive industries。Customers cover a wide range of domestic industry leaders, such as mobile intelligent terminal Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi,vivoOPPO;The wireless communication industry Huawei, ZTE, Fiberhome, Huagong Zhengyuan;Security industry Haikang, Dahua;Computer leaders Lenovo, Asus;Automotive foundry industry BYD;Home appliance industryTCL, Hisense, Skyworth, Changhong, Konka;At the same time, we also serve many internationally renowned enterprises, such as Intel, Microsoft, Amazon,NVIDIA、惠普、facebook Nokia, Foxconn, etc。

Yuyang Technology revenue in the past three years20100 million, comprehensive tax revenue2$100 million, over $100 million in R&D,2021Revenue in the first half of this year was close3100 million, with Yuyang product line further enriched, we in5GSmart phones,5GChip built-in,5GBase station, optical communication module and cloud server industry continue to deepen, to achieve Japan and Europe and the United StatesMLCCA wider range of substitution。