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Good helper Electronics, focus on automotive ecology, and comprehensively build an ideal car life in the new era。   As China's automotive electronics leader,Guangdong Good Helper Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998,Independently develop, manufacture and sell intelligent vehicle information system, automobile safety auxiliary driving and other products,And provide a wealth of vehicle networking value-added services,Provide comfortable, safe, convenient, free and exclusive new "ideal car life" for global car owners。

For more than 10 years, Good Helper has realized the complete layout of the collectivized industrial chain system, and has a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries such as Guangdong Good Helper, Jiangxi Good Helper, and Good Helper International。Has a number of well-known product brands such as "Kashida" and "Kejunda", as well as the industry's only after-sales service brand "Blue Helper"。Among them, Casida brand with excellent quality, superior product experience and perfect service system and other comprehensive advantages, the sales of similar products in the domestic market is far ahead。"Casada" was selected as "China's 500 Most Valuable Brand", won the "China Famous Trademark", and became "China's aerospace special product", with a brand value of more than 5 billion yuan。

We have established R&D cooperation institutions and business development institutions in Foshan, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Switzerland and other regions around the world, with more than 500 high-quality R&D talents, and obtained more than 390 national patents, known as "the vane of industry technology dynamics".。Good Helper has two lean production bases, located in Sanshui, Guangdong Province, Fengcheng, Jiangxi Province, with world-class advanced production equipment, including Germany's SIEMENS and Japan's FUJI high-speed SMT machine, the United States BTU lead-free reflow furnace and other high-end equipment, to provide customers with high quality assurance。 

The company has invested 40 million yuan to build a national laboratory, with 46 sets of first-class experimental equipment, and the product needs to pass 42 rigorous tests before it can be launched。The industry exclusively implements the "zero defect" quality concept, and has become a qualified product of quality sampling inspection of the State Administration of Quality Inspection for three consecutive years。

In the domestic automotive afterfitting market, Good Helper has established a solid sales channel foundation with national excellent dealers and mainstream 4S groups。In the domestic pre-loading (quasi-pre-loading) market,Good helper has established long-term friendly strategic cooperative relationship with domestic independent brand car factory,In the field of passenger cars and commercial vehicles,Now for Changan, JAC, FAW, Chery, Geely, Great Wall, Haima, GAC Changfeng, Panasonic, Denso, Mazda and other professional supporting services。And in the international market, Good helper in South America, North America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, Oceania and other regions to promote the independent brand of Cassida, becoming another new force for Chinese brands to internationalization。At the same time, the good helper actively expands the overseas front assembly (quasi front assembly) business, and successfully develops the front assembly (quasi front assembly) project of Toyota, Honda, Mazda and other overseas markets。 

In August 2015, Good Helper successfully landed in the capital market, becoming a new starting point for the company to move forward。Listing brings strong financial support for the leapfrog development of enterprises, but also brings new thinking and new vitality, enhances the innovation ability of enterprises in products, operations and services, and promotes the transformation and upgrading of the company's industry。

"Common governance, sharing and win-win" is a good helper and upstream and downstream to achieve strategic cooperation criteria, through the rapid response of the supply driven system, to achieve the highest efficiency;Through strategic alliance and complementary advantages, to create a "chain win-win" competitive advantage, to provide customers with the most secure and stable supply services。