Guangzhou Hongsen Technology Co., LTD

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Guangzhou Hongsen Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, with the concept of "technological innovation, product innovation and platform service", and the mission of "innovation and development of image data management technology, and continuous improvement of users' industry application experience with mass data intelligent analysis and application services"。

As a national high-tech enterprise, the company focuses on the breakthrough and development of core technologies in the fields of vision and pattern recognition, image structuring and image big data based on computer deep learning in the field of artificial intelligence。And on the basis of core technology for different industries to provide multi-data fusion, data intelligent analysis and mining, data application as the advantages of the integrated data management cloud platform,To solve the industry users in the image processing, image intelligent analysis, portrait recognition, license plate recognition, data structured storage, intelligent retrieval, data analysis, plan implementation and drill, emergency command and other technical support of the industry's deep data management application needs。

The company has a number of independent intellectual property rights and high-tech products, in the field of artificial intelligence image processing in the forefront of the industry。In more than 20 provinces and cities in China, Southeast Asia, Australia, the United States and other places to set up technical support teams and service centers, to provide users with fast and high-quality services。

Guangzhou Hun Sen Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming China's "image data management and application technology pioneer"