The association organizes member enterprises to connect and exchange with leading enterprises in Bavaria, Germany

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720The German Minister of Economy, Energy and Technology of Bavaria, Mr. Pafan Chi, led the political-The joint economic delegation visited Guangdong to conduct one-on-one exchanges with leading Chinese and German industry enterprises to discuss cooperation and share business opportunities。Minister Chen Weijie of the Development Department organized member enterprises such as Southern Hongming to participate in the docking negotiation meeting。

The German state of Bavaria is the largest and most economically powerful federal state in Germany, which not only has BMW, Audi, Siemens and other top multinational enterprises and groups in the world。In the fields of high-tech electronics, modern logistics, vocational education, many enterprises in Bavaria not only perform well, but also have a very broad space for cooperation with Guangdong Province in the direction of economic transformation and upgrading。

Guangdong and Bavaria have always been close partners。Especially since2004Since Guangdong Province and Bavaria established the friendship province relationship, the political and economic ties between the two places have become increasingly close, and the exchanges and cooperation between enterprises have also been increasing。

This business docking activity, my member unit-- Guangdong Nanfang Hongming Electronic Technology Co., LTD., Germany Bayog Electronics Co., LTD.,WasserleLimited company and other Bavarian business representatives face to face exchanges, together to explore the supply, investment, cooperation, technical exchanges and other possibilities, to promote and establish cross-border cooperation between Southern Hongming and German enterprises。