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I. Company Profile:
The Times call for innovation, and innovation drives industrial upgrading。
In 2016, The State Council vigorously promoted the "13th Five-Year National Science and Technology Innovation Plan", putting "scientific and technological innovation" as the core of the overall national development, and the society invested more than 200 billion US dollars in research and development。Ketai Technology actively responds to the science and technology innovation plan of The State Council, helps enterprises establish an innovation system with "scientific and technological innovation" as the core, market-oriented, industry-university-research integration, and vigorously promotes "mass entrepreneurship and innovation".。
Scientific and technological innovation, with The Times
Ketai Technology, is a focus on science and technology consulting, technology supply and demand docking, science and technology training, technology exchange and promotion, economic information consulting in one of the scientific and technological consulting services。
Since its establishment,Ketai Technology takes "technological innovation" as the center,Always adhering to the "innovation, pragmatic, efficient, dedication" spirit of enterprise,With rich practical experience and professional knowledge,Together with the expert Advisory committee, we provide professional scientific and technological consulting, scientific and technological declaration, high enterprise recognition and honorary certification services for our customers。
Professional services, to create a characteristic consulting system 
Ketai technology with a new concept,Gather high-end talent resources,Integrate the resources of national industry associations and domestic universities,Introduce foreign technological innovation ideas,Integrate with local science and technology policies,Strive to create a unique technology butler consultant,To provide customers with science and technology consulting, intellectual property, system certification, national high-tech enterprises, science and technology small giant, two integration of standards, intellectual property standards, provincial and municipal engineering center and enterprise technology center and other projects。Ketai Technology provides a perfect, convenient and professional service chain for the development and construction of enterprises, and has made significant contributions to the industrial upgrading and independent innovation of enterprises。
Focus on science and technology, promote win-win business
Eleven years of wind and rain, cast a brilliant brand, Ketai people always adhere to the "abide by the professional value, help enterprise development" service concept, to more than 92.The repeat commission rate and referral rate of 23% are among the top 50 in the industry。It has won more than 40 honorary awards such as "A-level Excellent Site of National Survey of Scientific and Technological Workers of China Association for Science and Technology", "Top 50 Management Consulting Industry of Guangdong Province", "Top 100 Excellent Service Organizations of Small and medium-sized Enterprises of Guangdong Province", and its independent intellectual property rights and trademarks have exceeded more than 70。
Today, Ketai Technology services more than tens of thousands of enterprises, cooperation customers include Lite-on electronics, ocean electric, ultrasonic electronics, Sofia, Guangya Aluminum, Midea and other high-quality enterprises。In order to better serve the majority of customers, Ketai Technology also AD hoc consulting project feedback service, systematic and objective analysis of the completed projects, aiming to provide a more perfect, convenient and professional service chain for enterprise technological innovation, achievement promotion and development。
Science and technology services, science and technology planning
Ketai Technology provides enterprise customers with a full range of online and offline technology services。It covers science and technology consulting services, enterprise brand building, talent assessment and science and technology planning。Customers can compare projects according to their own conditions and understand the details of the projects that can be declared。At the same time, Ketai will also provide customers with expert online evaluation planning to help customers better define the annual project declaration plan and carry out the annual project declaration work in a planned manner。
Ketai technology adheres to the principle of "integrity and efficiency",All projects implement service processes openly and transparently,Customers can use the Internet to keep abreast of all project developments anytime, anywhere,Monitor the progress of all cooperative projects,You can also see the progress of the project in real time,Control all process of project declaration, publicity, project approval and acceptance。
Focus on service, offline support
Ketai Technology provides technological innovation, scientific research achievements promotion and other services for enterprises through the establishment of scientific and technological consulting network, expert and professor team, information exchange platform for scientists and entrepreneurs, and the establishment of "achievement promotion and transfer platform"。With the help of Ketai, the enterprise successfully passed the application of scientific and technological innovation projects, enhance the corporate image and promote product sales;Access to tax breaks to reduce financing costs;Enjoy government financial subsidies to improve research and development capabilities。    
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