Guangzhou Jeishi high information Technology Co., LTD

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Founded in 2012, Guangzhou JeZ High Information Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "JEZ High") is a high-tech enterprise focusing on cloud computing applications, big data applications and artificial intelligence applications。

I. Key research areas

1.Machine learning: speech recognition, image recognition, video analysis

2.Internet of Things: Big data visual management of devices

3.Big Data: Knowledge graph, intelligent search, intelligent recommendation, intelligent question and answer

4.Architecture and operation: Microservices, container cloud

Second, corporate culture

² Company vision - to become a first-class industry application software company;

² Development concept - integrity and self-discipline, diligent innovation, excellence, win-win cooperation;

² Core competence - first-class product or service provision ability;The shortest and most efficient supply chain construction ability, efficient company operation ability;Good customer relationship building ability。

² Talent strategy - adhere to the people-oriented idea, attach importance to talents, develop talents, and promote the coordinated development of employees and enterprises。

Third, the honor and qualification of the enterprise

"2015 Haizhu District High Growth Enterprise", "Guangzhou Enterprise Research and Development Organization",

"2016-2018 Guangdong Province contract and credit enterprises", "security four levels", as many as 23 soft, undertook two Haizhu District science and technology plan projects;

Iv. The Company's main business and business scope

1.Main categories: Software and information technology services

2.Business scope: Computer technology development, technical services;Design, construction and maintenance of safety technology prevention system;Information technology consulting services;Information and electronic technology services;Computer parts wholesale;Wholesale trade of commodities (except for commodities subject to license approval);Retail trade of commodities (except commodities subject to license approval);Geographic information processing;Software development;Information system integration services;Data processing and storage services;

5. Address and others

1.Address: Building 3, No. 189, Dunhe Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou (Haizhu Science and Technology Pioneer Park;Guangzhou Haizhu High-tech Entrepreneurship Service Center;)

2.Area: The whole floor of the 8th floor (801-809), a total of more than 750 square meters。

3.Scale: At present, there are nearly 40 people, and the proportion of personnel related to research and development exceeds 50%。

4.Contact number: 020--84121755