Guangzhou Yuntong chain da financial service Technology Co., LTD

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Founded in May 2018, Yuntong Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. has a core research and development team led by doctors with overseas study background and rich work experience, and more than half of the members are doctors and masters。The company's leaders and main R&D members have long been engaged in work related to the blockchain industry, and most of the backbone has work experience in banks, state-owned enterprises and large Internet companies。

The company relies on the intelligent equipment of Guangzhou Radio Group to build a unique domestic intelligent equipment public chain,Enabling incentive mechanism and honest transaction in convenient service;Focus on payments and supply chains,Build a financial industry alliance chain,Integrate industrial chain information flow, capital flow and business flow,Build a trust bridge between C-terminal and B-terminal in the era of digital economy,Finally create a new business ecology in the era of digital economy。