Guangdong Kono Information Technology Co., LTD

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Guangdong Kono Information Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in2014Year, registered capital of the company1000Wan, mainly engaged in the research and manufacturing of precision power equipment, information technology security, intelligent engineering construction, etc., the products involve UPS, DC power supply, inverter, charging pile, energy storage equipment, precision air conditioning, intelligent power distribution, intelligent energy, only monitoring, monitoring and control.IDCIntegrated data center, etc。Kono Technology is committed to providing customers with a variety of energy-saving and efficient power equipment solutions, and providing customers with more efficient, safer and more sustainable products and services in smart city and big data, smart energy and Internet of Things。

Guangdong Kono Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a company established strictly in accordance with the modern enterprise system,There are a group of young technicians full of vigor and ideals, under the new modern enterprise system, with a very forward-looking vision, down-to-earth, hard work, to serve the society and struggle for the ideal。

The company is rich in human resources, pay special attention to the training of technical personnel, technical aspects have senior engineers, engineers, technicians, etc., are holding senior qualification certificates, from research and development, production, sales, service and other links have sufficient manpower to give you the best pre-sale, sale and after-sales service。

Over the years we have gradually established a perfect independent user service system,With strong technical research and development strength,Reliable product quality,Complete, fast and efficient service mechanism,It has been unanimously affirmed by the domestic government, finance, telecommunications, electricity, transportation, medical, scientific research institutes, manufacturing and military and other industries。