Dongguan hunting sound electronic technology Co., LTD

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       Dongguan Leishen Electronic Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") was established in 2015The registered capital is 545$10,000, is a "smart home wireless audio equipment" as the control core, through high-end intelligent technology to show product personalization, to solve the national demand for wireless equipment in the field of technology companies。The company's main business includes research and development, production and sales of Bluetooth headsets and smart wearable devices based on various personalized application scenarios。At present, the company has become the leading independent brand and ODM of consumer intelligent sports products in ChinaSolution provider。
The company is a limited liability company, according to the organizational form set up shareholders, board of directors, board of supervisors and other authority, is a flat management of young Internet enterprises。Since its establishment, the company's operating income and profit have achieved rapid growth。2017The annual revenue was 22,261万元,2018The annual operating income is 33,751Ten thousand yuan, compared with 2017Annual growth of 51.61%,2019The annual operating income is 54170$10,000, compared to 2018Annual growth of 60.50%
       The company is the earliest Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise, the company's leading product is true wireless Bluetooth headset, has successfully entered the Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as millet) ecological chain system。In the past three years, Xiaomi's Bluetooth headset sales rank basically second and third in the world, and the market share is very considerable。In order to enhance the company's ability to resist market risks, the company in 2019Established its own brand "HAYLOU"At present, there is also a certain market share。
The company attaches great importance to the improvement of research and development capabilities. In addition to the construction of the research and development department, it has also established a special research and development test laboratory and acoustic laboratory, with a total of about 500 research and development sitesSquare meter。The company attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, and the company continues to increase R&D investment every year, 2017Annual R&D investment is 747万元,2018The annual R&D investment is 1480Ten thousand yuan, compared with 2017Annual growth of 98.13%,2019Annual R&D investment is 2,289$10,000, compared to 2018Annual growth of 54.66%。The company not only focuses on R&D and innovation, but also attaches great importance to intellectual property protection。Up to now, 33 authorized patents have been obtainedItem, Software copyright 12项。

       The company has been technology research and development, scientific and technological innovation as a development driver, innovation is inseparable from talent。Up to now, the company has 163 employeesPeople, including research and development personnel 76People, accounting for company personnel 46.63%Among them, college or above personnel accounted for 81.58%