Guangzhou Zhongneng Easy Electricity Energy Co., LTD. (Easy special Group Guangzhou Company)

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       Guangzhou Zhongneng Easy Electricity Energy Co., LTD. (for Easy special Group Guangzhou Company),20180328The company was established in September and its business scope includes computer retailing;Charging pile manufacturing;Charging pile sales;Charging pile facility installation and management;Other battery manufacturing (except photovoltaic cells);Communication equipment retail;Project general contracting services;Computer parts retail;Office equipment consumables retail;Mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering professional contracting;Professional contracting of power transmission and transformation engineering;Engineering cost consulting services;Computer room design services;Lighting engineering design services;New energy power generation project investigation and design;Uninterruptible power supply repair;Uninterruptible power supply sales;Security technology to prevent product retail;Battery sales;Battery charging services for electric vehicles;Solar power station construction;Uninterruptible power supply manufacturing;Electronic product retail;Switch, socket, patch board, wire and cable, insulation material retail;Labor service contracting;

      Guangzhou Zhongneng easy electricity Energy company for easy special Group Guangzhou company;Easite Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989,It is a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Plan, a global power quality solution supplier and a green energy manufacturer,Long-term commitment to UPS power supply, EPS power supply, communication power supply, data center integrated system, photovoltaic inverter, distributed photovoltaic power generation electrical equipment and systems, smart microgrid and other high-tech products R & D, manufacturing, sales and service。After 25 years of hard work and wise management, Easite has developed into a leading enterprise in China's power supply industry, and was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on January 27, 2014 (stock code: 300376).。The company is the Ministry of Information Industry,China power supply Society governing unit,China power supply Industry Association standing director unit,Passed the ISO quality management system certification, environmental management system certification and energy conservation certification,The products have obtained telecom equipment access license, National defense communication access license, 3C certification, Ministry of Public Security fire product accreditation certificate, CCEE safety certification, UL certification, CE certification, TVU certification, CQC certification, Thiel certification。