Guangzhou Communications Investment Technology Co., LTD

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       Guangzhou Communications Investment Technology Co., LTD., was established2003Year, registered capital5000万元,At the beginning of its establishment, it was directly under the management of Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Bureau (formerly Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Commission),At present, it is a state-owned holding enterprise directly managed by Guangzhou Public Transport Group Co., LTD,It is for the field of urban transportation,Set traffic information investment, construction and operation in one of the high-tech enterprises, artificial intelligence enterprises, two high four new enterprises,It is the first batch of recognized headquarters enterprises in Guangzhou and the top 100 nurturing enterprises of software and integrated circuit design industry in Guangdong Province,We are committed to promoting the information-based, intelligent and intelligent development of transportation,It is in a leading position in the field of national transportation informatization。The company currently has various types of employees300Among them, the proportion of bachelor's degree or above62%, the proportion of R&D employees58%, operating income of approximately2亿元。

       The company takes the integrated construction and operation of intelligent transportation system as its main business, and has successively built, maintained and operated the passenger transportation online ticketing system, intelligent bus system, taxi integrated management service system, and key operating vehicle safety supervision platform100Multiple system platform,Covering bus, taxi, passenger transport, parking, logistics, driving training, auto repair and many other transportation services;It has developed key system integration products such as transportation industry data sharing and analysis platform, intelligent Spring Festival travel system, public transportation intelligent cloud brain platform, intelligent bus scheduling real-time scheduling system, taxi intelligent cloud platform, passenger cloud station system, active safety cloud platform for operating vehicles, unified intelligent video platform, and new business monitoring platforms such as online car sharing and bicycle sharing,Well received by the industry, enterprises and media;Integration of big data, artificial intelligence,5GAnd other technologies, carried out5GResearch and application in new fields such as intelligent scheduling and assisted driving, intelligent network vehicle-road cooperation;It has launched well-known traffic information service brands and products such as "Guangzhou Traffic · Bank Information", "Car learning" and "Car Loving",Widely involved in urban transportation industry enterprise operation, business analysis, auxiliary decision-making, industry supervision, public services and other information service fields,It has formed a comprehensive, mature and representative intelligent transportation overall solution system。

       The company has undertaken a number of national, provincial and ministerial level scientific research and major engineering intelligent transportation projects, includingITSCommon information platform (" Tenth Five-Year "National Science and Technology Project), Guangzhou Asian Games Intelligent Transportation Integrated Information Platform system (" eleventh Five-Year" national science and technology project), iot based urban transportation intelligent application demonstration project (the first batch of national iot application demonstration project), iot based urban intelligent transportation key technology research and application (Major science and technology project of the Ministry of Transport), GuangzhouMunicipal public transport intelligent application demonstration project (National public transport urban construction demonstration project) and other national demonstration projects,以及60A number of provincial and municipal major science and technology projects have been approved to establish the "Guangdong City Intelligent Transportation Internet of Things Engineering Technology Research Center", "Guangdong University Modern Traffic Engineering Technology Research Center", and "Guangdong Province Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base", with fruitful research and application results100A number of intellectual property rights (including patents, software Copyrights, standards and specifications), covering core patents such as passenger flow analysis and prediction, intelligent vehicle scheduling, and a number of national standards and local standards and specifications;Public transportation intelligence, passenger flow big data and other innovative achievements, obtained10A number of provincial, ministerial and municipal science and technology awards,10Many scientific and technological achievements have reached the international advanced level, and some have reached the international leading level。