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       In 2003, Fang Wei Technology was born together with the traffic engineering discipline of Sun Yat-sen University, and continued to focus on forward-looking technology research, achievement transformation and application landing in the field of intelligent transportation, becoming the leading intelligent transportation core technology, products and services enterprise in China。2016Jiadu Technology (stock code:600728Capital injection into shares, Sun Yat-sen University20A number of technology patent investment, industrialization and scientific research process is accelerating。

       The company now has a scientist-led consortium200Human's high-level complex research and development team has created a core scientific research platform - Traffic Brain Research Institute。So far obtained23An authorized invention patent,232A software copyright and a number of provincial and ministerial level science and technology awards。2019The company was recognized as a new type research and development institution in Guangdong Province。2018With Sun Yat-sen University and AmAP to build Guangdong Province Engineering Technology Research Center, awarded by the provincial science and Technology Department, R & D strength has been certified for many times。

       At the same time, Fang Wei Technology deeply cultivates intelligent traffic management and double linkage of business research and development。With Sun Yat-sen University, Anhui Provincial Public security traffic police, Guangzhou Municipal public Security traffic police, Suqian Municipal public security traffic police, Chaozhou Municipal public security traffic police and other units to build a number of joint experimental institutions, formed a solid "Government, industry, university and research" cooperation alliance。

       Company initiativeIDPSThe concept of intelligent traffic management, and the construction of urban traffic brain as the core3The main business system - urban traffic brain (including high-speed brain), traffic management business system and professional consulting servicesTo comprehensively empower urban smart traffic management。At present, the business has covered more than the world100Cities, and the formation of a strategic fulcrum to radiate the industrial layout of the national market。

       Lead the development of the industry with forward-looking technology, and create the future of the city with smart transportation。Fang Wei Technology will adhere to the road of forward-looking independent research and development, build the urban traffic brain into the engine of smart cities, and help accelerate the development of global smart cities!