Foshan Shunde Shunda Computer factory Co., LTD

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Foshan Shunde Shunda Computer factory Co., LTDIt was established on January 18, 1993 with a registered capital of 47,639.Hk $70,000, 100% owned by parent company Mitac Star service Limited (Star Logistics Management Limited)。The company is located in Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Lunjiao Street office, the whole factory covers an area1210,000 square meters, mainly for global information companiesODM/OEM large order production。From the initial production and assembly of personal computer cases and complete machines for the parent company Sundar Computer, to the provision of electronic manufacturing services (EMS)。Main business involved: motherboard, server&memorizer& POS, all-in-one machine&Terminals, automotive electronics, etcCooperative customerFamous brand customers at home and abroad,Has advanced electronic production equipment, high quality electronic manufacturing process, includingSMTAutomatic weldingSystem assembly and includesICTAOI functional, reliability testing等,跑于ServerStorageAIOPOS and other products manufacturing field

The annual output value is about 30100 million yuan, the current staff also grew2,600 people, including overseas职工25EngineerThere are more than 1000 people, 35 R & D personnel, 757 employees with university education or above, accounting for 29% of all employees。截止2022年10公司,Independently developed andBe authorizedTotal intellectual property202Item (wherein invention165Item, utility model40Item), software copyright4, effectively ensure the company's innovation and development。

公司Honor received海关AEO advanced certification enterprise, China Top 500 Foreign trade, national two integration management system implementation pilot enterpriseGuangdong Province two integration management system standard implementation pilot enterprisesGuangdong Province intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprisesGuangdong processing trade transformation and upgrading demonstration enterprises,Guangdong ProvinceSafety production standardization secondary enterprises (Machinery)Manufacturing industry of Guangdong province500强Foshan digital intelligent Demonstration Factory, Foshan digital intelligent demonstration workshop,Enterprises in FoshanTop 100, Foshan manufacturing industry top 100Shunde District5G+Industrial Internet application cultivation parkShunde District industrial Internet benchmarking enterprises, Shunde District manufacturing industry100强、Shunde District tax contribution enterprise, Shunde District backbone enterprise, Shunde District 100 enterprises intelligent manufacturing project of the fourth batch of pilot demonstration enterprises,Shunde DistrictLongteng enterprise, Lunjiao street safety production standardization to create advanced unitsThe company passed the qualification certificationISO9001ISO 45001,IATF16949ISO14001ISO/IEC27001

As the leader of electronic information industry in Shunde District,The division has always regarded the integration of the two as an important starting point to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and has continued to promote the construction and integration of intelligence, digitalization and information technology。In recent years, we have actively promoted intelligent and digital transformation,Including: workshop lean transformation, intelligent equipment purchase, product standardization design upgrade, logistics facilities configuration transformation,And through intelligent, digital transformation,Significantly reduce labor,Improve production efficiency,Shorten the production cycle and reduce the manufacturing cost,So as to improve economic efficiency。实现The seamless connection between PLM, ERP, MES, WMS, SCM, OA, BI and other systems and real-time data interaction between the systems can open up the information islands of the production process at one go, realize the information, paperless, intelligent management and control of the whole process, so as to promote the digital transformation and upgrading, and create a green digital intelligent benchmark factory。

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